WebAdvisor Information

Attention: Scheduled maintenance will occur on Thursday, May 25th, beginning at 5pm that will result in WebAdvisor not being accessible during this time. Anticipated downtime is 2 hours.

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(815) 224-0447
Course Selection and Planning
counseling@ivcc.edu - (815) 224-0360
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Technical Assistance with WebAdvisor
SHD - (815) 224-0318

WebAdvisor Information

WebAdvisor is a program which allows students access to register for courses, print a schedule, request transcripts, view final grades, pay tuition, and more.

Update/Verify My Profile

  1. Log in to WebAdvisor
  2. Click on the blue "Students" menu bar
  3. Select "Update/Verify My Profile"
  4. Enter your contact information. Note: To receive Rave Alert texts which are update texts from IVCC, include your cell phone number and choose Cell in the drop-down to the right of your cell phone number.
  5. Check the box stating you verified your information, it's located near submit.
  6. Submit and log out.

Program Evaluation

Students can stay on task with the required courses for their programs or look up requirements for another program by using Program Evaluation.  This evaluation does not guarantee that you have fulfilled all graduation and transfer requirements--check with the college catalog and your counselor.

  1. Log in to WebAdvisor
  2. Click on the blue "Students" menu bar
  3. Under Academic Profile, select "Program Evaluation"
  4. Either choose your active program or use the drop down to look up another program (with this option, you will need to select a catalog year), and submit.

Colleague Self-Service

To access Colleague Self-Service to retrieve your Form 1098-T for tax season, go to Colleague Self-Service and use your WebAdvisor login.  If you need assistance with your WebAdvisor login, go to Log Into WebAdvisor.

Ellucian GO - An App for IVCC Students

Stay connected during these challenging times!  IVCC uses the Ellucian Go mobile app.  Ellucian Go can be found in Google Play store and iOS app store.  This app provides access to WebAdvisor, Blackboard, and your student email, along with your class schedule, departmental phone numbers, campus maps, etc.  When prompted to sign in, use your WebAdvisor username and password.  If you would like one-to-one assistance with Ellucian GO, please contact the Student Help Desk.