Brightspace Information

As of May 1st, 2023, Brightspace replaced Blackboard.

Brightspace is the learning management system used for hosting online course materials for IVCC academic courses.

Brightspace Login 

Students can access Brightspace after being enrolled in classes at IVCC. Classes are available the first day of class.

  1. Go to Brightspace,
  2. Username:  Eagle mail address (
  3. Password:  Eagle mail password 

For information about your Eagle Mail account, see Email Information.

Brightspace Video Tutorials

Navigate Brightspace as a Learner.  1:32 minutes long. 

View Course Materials in the Content Tool 1:45 minutes long

Customizing Notifications 1:43 minutes long

Manage Your Calendar 1:39 minutes long

Engage in Discussions 2:00 minutes long

Taking Quizzes or Tests 2:17 minutes long. See Online Testing and Respondus if your quiz or test requires LockDown Browser.

Submit Course Assignments and View Feedback 2:06 minutes long

Navigate the Grades Tool 1:42 minutes long

Brightspace Pulse App

Brightspace Pulse is an app for mobile devices that allows for viewing course materials on the go. The IVCC Brightspace Pulse App allows you to:

  • See all important deadlines from your courses, and stay current on all course related updates
  • Review course content on and off line, including video and audio content
  • Allows participation in Activity Feed discussions

Available on the App Store and on Google Play.

Browser Support

Choose the System Check to ensure that your browser is properly configured to use Brightspace.

Brightspace's supported browsers on desktop computers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari. 

Online Testing

  • See Online Testing for information on how to prepare to take tests online in Brightspace. 
  • Online testing through Respondus is not possible using Brightspace Pulse.

Brightspace Awards/Certificates

Brightspace instructors have the option to give out Awards, which provide a marker that represents an accomplishment. Some can also act as a certificate that a student can print out or submit online as proof of accomplishment.

To view the awards/certificates you have collected so far:

  • Log in to Brightspace, click on your Name in the upper right corner, then select Profile.
  • On Edit My User Profile under Awards Showcase, click on View My Awards.

You can filter awards by Badges and Certificates. Clicking on Badges will allow you to view more information about the award. Clicking on Certificates will allow you to view more information and the ability to print out a certificate showing you completed this award. To share an award/certificate:

  • To generate a certificate, click the title of the award, then click "Generate Certificate". You should be able to print from there or save the PDF.
  • Press the "Share" button to generate a link to the award.

For Questions Related to... 

Course Content and Test/Grade Questions 
Contact Your instructor
Technical Assistance with Brightspace 
Contact the Student Help Desk