Campus Technology Information

Campus Computer

○ To log onto a campus computer (IVCC network):
   Username:  K-number
   Initial Password:  Eaglesxxxxxxx! (Xs represent your 7-digit student ID number)
   New Password:  14 characters or more in length, containing at least 3 of 4 items (upper, lower, number, special character)
○ For a campus computer (IVCC network) password reset, contact the Student Help Desk. You will need your name, K-number, and 7-digit student ID number.
○ Computer passwords need to be reset every 60 days.

Wireless Access

○ After successfully logging onto an IVCC campus computer and setting up a new password (see above), follow the steps below for Wi-Fi access.

  1. Select IVCCguest for Wi-Fi network
  2. Open browser--your webpage should load to the IVCC Guest Portal authentication webpage. If the browser does not automatically open to this webpage, then redirect the browser by navigating to a different website--this should redirect you to the IVCC Cisco Guest Portal.
  3. Use your campus computer login (network login).

Need a Computer?

IVCC provides access to computers in the Learning Commons (D-201), Jacobs Library (A-201), Student Life Center (E-201), and Cyber Café (C Building) on the Main Campus. The Ottawa Center also has a computer lab.

Need a Webcam?

Webcams are available from the Student Help Desk in the Learning Commons (D-201) and from the Service Desk in Jacobs Library (A-201). The webcams must be used while the Student Help Desk and Jacobs Library are open, and they must be used in the Learning Commons and Jacobs Library.

Need to Print?

Printing is available in the Learning Commons (D-201), Jacobs Library (A-201), and the Ottawa Center at .05¢ per page in black & white.  Color printing is also available in the Learning Commons at .25¢ per page.

Printing from Own Device

Printing via wireless is available through PaperCut in the Learning Commons (D-201), Jacobs Library (A-201), and the Ottawa Center. Currently, you can only print PDF files through this process. Follow the Instructions for Printing from Personally Owned Devices PDF.

Need to Scan?

A flatbed scanner and a document scanner are available in the Learning Commons (D-201), Jacobs Library (A-201), and Ottawa Center. You can choose to scan the document to the printer, USB drive, email, or smartphone/tablet.