Devices, Browsers, Software, & Apps

As an IVCC student, you probably have questions about what type of devices, browsers, software, and apps you may need for classes.  We hope you'll find this list useful.


  • For your primary device, you will need access to a Windows laptop or desktop computer, MacBook, iPad, or Chromebook connected to the Internet 3-5 days per week.  Please see Software below to learn what free Microsoft 365 apps can be installed on certain devices.
  • You cannot use a smartphone for all course related items.  A smartphone is a good secondary device to check email, announcements, and grades.
  • When taking an online test, it is important to have a stable connection.  Wired connections are better than wireless.
  • Visit Campus Technology to see what computers are available for use while on campus.


  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari are reliable web browsers.
  • Always have at least two browsers available.  For example, if you are using Safari and an interactive assignment does not fully display, try using Google Chrome.
  • To learn about Brightspace and it's supported operating systems with the latest browsers, visit Brightspace Browser Support.


Most likely you will need to submit an assignment using a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word.  As an IVCC student, you have access to free Microsoft 365 apps.  The term "app" is short for application and is a type of software that can be installed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone so you don't have to use a browser.

  • Refer to Microsoft 365 Apps for instructions on how to install the apps on your own device and how to use the online apps.
  • You cannot install the Microsoft 365 apps on a Chromebook, but you can use the Microsoft Online apps. 
  • If you are taking CSP-1203, CSP-2203, CSP-2204, CSD-1210, or CSI-1002, you will be required to use Microsoft Access.  MS Access can be installed on a Windows laptop or desktop computer, but cannot be installed on a MacBook nor Chromebook.
  • If you use Google Docs as your primary word processing tool and need to submit a file as .doc or .docx, then follow the instructions for Download a Copy of a File at Google Docs Create, View, or Download a File.
  • If you use Apple Pages as your primary word processing tool and need to submit a file as .doc or .docx (Word), then follow the instructions for Save a Copy of a Pages Document in Another Format at Pages User Guide for Mac.
  • Always check your syllabus or with your instructor on other required software for your course.  Specialized software is also installed on computers in the Academic Support Center--visit Campus Technology to find the computer bank list.

Mobile Apps

The following are three helpful mobile apps to use on your smartphones.

  • Microsoft Outlook make it easy to check your student email on the go.
  • Ellucian GO makes departmental phone numbers, campus maps, IV Leader articles, etc. available at your fingertips.  In the Requires Sign-In section, you use your WebAdvisor login.
  • Brightspace Pulse makes it easy to view class notifications, due dates, and grades.