Student Email Information

Eagle Mail (IVCC student email) is considered an official means of communication and the College expects students to access their account on a regular basis.  For new students and students who have not attended IVCC for 1 year, your Eagle Mail account will be created within 24 hours after registering for credit courses.  Your Eagle Mail account will remain active up to three semesters (1 year) after your last semester in a credit course at IVCC.

IVCC Eagle Mail Login

  1. Go to Student Email
  2. Enter your email address:
  3. Enter your password: 
    • If you have logged in to an IVCC campus computer, then use this password.  Allow 5-10 minutes for your computer password to sync as your email password.
    • If you have not logged in to an IVCC computer, your default password is Eaglesxxxxxxx! (Xs represent your student ID# followed by an exclamation point).
  4. Click "Next" for More Information Required. You need to enter your phone number or choose another contact option for your two-factor authentication method (can choose two methods). This will give you access to your email and Brightspace accounts when prompted for 2FA and to reset your password as needed.
  5. If you have not yet updated your password (email/IVCC computer), then you can within your email account. 
    1. Click your initial in the upper right corner and choose View Account
    2. Select Change Password under Password
    3. Create a password meeting the following requirements:
      • 14 or more characters in length
      • At least 3 of the 4:  uppercase, lowercase, number, special character
      • This password becomes your IVCC computer network and WiFi password.  After resetting your email password, allow 5-10 minutes before logging in to an IVCC computer. This allows time for your email password to sync as your IVCC computer login. See Campus Technology.
      • You will be required to reset your password every 90 days. 
      • This process only works with the browser version of Microsoft Outlook.
  6. Want your Eagle Mail on your cell phone? Install the Microsoft Outlook app. Choose Office 365 as the type of account when you log into the app.
  7. Have you checked your Junk folder? You never know what could be found here.
  8. To automatically forward Eagle mail to another email address see Turn on automatic forwarding in Outlook on the web. Select Keep a copy of forwarded messages to have a backup of your school email.  
  9. To learn more on using a Focused Inbox which provides you two inbox tabs (Focused and Other), visit Focused Inbox for Outlook.  Or, if you would rather turn the Focused Inbox off, visit Turn Off Focused Inbox.
  10. This becomes your Brightspace login.  For more information, go to Brightspace Information.

Forgot your Password?

  • Choose Can't Access Your Account or Forgot My Password to recover your account. Your password must meet the requirements in #5.3 above. By resetting this password, you are resetting your IVCC computer password--allow 5-10 minutes for your new email password to sync as your IVCC computer password.
  • After five unsuccessful login attempts, you will be locked out for 30 minutes.

Update Security Methods

If your phone number or personal email address changes, you need to update your chosen contact method in your Eagle Mail to retain access to your email and Brightspace accounts (2FA--see #4 above) and the ability to reset your password. If your cellphone number changes, you should also update your number with Records at 815-224-0447 in order to keep receiving the Rave Alert text messages.

To update your contact method within your Eagle Mail:

  1. Log in to your email
  2. Click your initial in the upper right corner and choose View Account
  3. Select Update Info under Security Info
  4. Click Change to update your phone number and/or personal email address. Can also choose to Add Sign-In Method. Follow the prompts.

Phishing Information

Phishing attacks are the practice of sending emails pretending to be from trustworthy sources, only to attempt to trick you in order to steal your personal information. Phishing attacks have been on the rise. We at IVCC do our best to protect your inbox from these emails, but sometimes emails can still get through. To learn more about phishing and to learn how to protect yourself from these attacks, visit Phishing Information.

Microsoft 365 Apps

Your Eagle Mail login also gives you access to Microsoft Office Applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Visit Microsoft 365 Apps for more information on how to use MS 365 Online apps and how to install MS 365 apps on up to 5 of your own devices. 

Instructor Email Addresses

  • You are expected to use your Eagle Mail when communicating with instructors and departmental offices.
  • To find your instructor's email address, go to Faculty Web Pages or check your course syllabus.