Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor

What is Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor?

  • Respondus Monitor is the webcam feature that records your testing session. Your computer must have a webcam and microphone. A strong internet connection is also required. 

Beginning a Quiz or Test

LockDown Browser is launched from within the quiz or test in Brightspace. If you do not have LDB on your device, you will be prompted to install it. Do not use the LDB icon shortcut on your computer - it will not work with your Brightspace quiz or test.  

Taking a test on campus

  • Before the test, be sure you are able to log in to a computer on campus. If your password needs to be reset, there may be a delay in logging in to the computer and Brightspace.  For assistance with passwords, contact the Student Help Desk at 815-224-0318 or visit them at the Academic Support Center, A201 on the Oglesby Campus.
  • Log in to Brightspace and open your test to launch LDB.

Taking a test on your own device

What is Pearson LockDown Browser?

If you are taking a math course, you may be required to download the Pearson version of LockDown Browser. To install, navigate to the test and use the download link provided.  Please note that the Pearson version of LockDown Browser is NOT supported on a Chromebook, tablet, or mobile device.

How is Respondus LockDown Browser Different on a Chromebook?

Installing the Chromebook Extension  To install the LDB extension on your Chromebook, you will need to use the LDB installation link before you begin your test (you will NOT be able to search for the app directly from the Chrome Web Store).  The installation link will direct you to the Chrome Web Store where you will select “Add to Chrome” to install the LDB Extension. A short video is available here. 

Technical issues that may arise:

LockDown Browser Technical Support

  • If you experience technical issues, such as the test closing before you are finished or your internet connection fails, report the problem to your instructor. 
  • To obtain technical support, open a support ticket at