IVCC Part-Time Faculty Handbook Quick Reference

This web-based part-time faculty handbook is maintained by Learning Resources .  Email Patrice Hess with questions or feedback, patrice_hess@ivcc.edu 

Evening Technology Support: Employees, Students

Employee Information Technology Services

The ITS help desk, 815-224-0555 or x555, provides support for faculty and staff.  ITS assists employees with Colleague, college email, and college computers. The ITS help desk is staffed until 6:30 PM Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Brightspace for Faculty

CETLA, 815-224-0530, x530, or LMSRequest@ivcc.edu, provides support for faculty using Brightspace.  CETLA is generally not staffed evening hours but evening appointments can be arranged.

Student Technology Help Desk

The Student Help Desk, 815-224-0318, x318, or shd@ivcc.edu provides support for students using college technology.  The SHD is in the Academic Support Center, A201, and is staffed evening hours.  Hours are published on the website: www.ivcc.edu/shd

Campus Security

C103; 815-224-0314 (x314 on campus); Cell: 815-739-1290

Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (CETLA)

  1. Employee Technology Accounts
  2. Forwarding IVCC Email
  3. Saving Files to One Drive

Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (CETLA) Website

  1. CETLA Workshops
  2. Learning Management System Resource (Brightspace)
  3. Technology Resources
  4. Faculty Orientation, In-Service, Professional Development, and Handbooks
  5. Teaching Resources
  6. Online and Blended Classes
  7. Academic Service and Support Programs
  8. IVCC Continuity of Academic Operations Plan

Timeline of a Term

Recommendations for keeping track with teaching, learning, assessment, evaluation, and record keeping throughout the semester.

Academic Affairs

  1. Academic Affairs
  2. Academic Divisions and Departments
  3. Course Outlines
  4. Ottawa Center
  5. Dual Credit
  6. Student Course Feedback Surveys
  7. Assessment Center
  8. Academic Support Center
  9. Jacobs Library
  10. Center for Accessibility and Neurodiversity
  11. Student Help Desk
  12. Tutoring and Writing Center
  13. Online Learning

College Catalog and Student Handbook

Catalog and Handbook Website

  • Visit the catalog for: Academic Calendar, Course Information, Degree and Transfer Requirements, Final Exam Schedule, Policies and Procedures
  • Visit the handbook for:  Code of Conduct, Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Services

  1. Student ID's
  2. Counseling and Advising
  3. Transfer Services
  4. Career Services
  5. Project Success
  6. Student Withdrawal
  7. Final Exams, Final Grades, Gradebooks
  8. FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  9. Student Field Trips and Travel

Business Services and Finance

  1. Employee Directory
  2. Bookstore
  3. Human Resources
  4. College Administrative Procedures
  5. Purchasing
  6. Campus Security
  7. Information Technology Services Help Desk (555)