2024 Commencement Ceremony:

Saturday, May 18, 2024 @ 1:30pm

Can't make the ceremony? You'll be able to watch the live stream here!

student at Commencement

Commencement refers to the ceremony that celebrates the completion of your educational journey at IVCC.  Participation in the Commencement Ceremony is optional and is free for all participants. This is different than graduation, which signals the completion of the requirements for the degree or certificate. You must apply for graduation in order to have it posted on your academic record. More details at

Important Information:

If you forgot to order your cap and gown or have questions relating to commencement, email

  • Cap and Gown: If you still need to pick up your cap and gown, or have any issues with your regalia, please see Jennifer Etscheid in C-311 or contact her at 815-224-0361 or
  • Commencement Ceremony: The ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, May 18th at 1:30 p.m. All graduates will meet and line up in the lobby of the main campus. You may begin arriving at the main lobby at 12:00 p.m.  Please do not arrive later than 1:00 p.m., because that is the time we will line up to walk over to the gym.
  • Accommodations:  You will receive 4 regular admission tickets for family members when picking up your cap and gown.  If you are not planning to use all of your admission tickets, please return them to us so that we can reassign them.  If family members need special seating accommodations due to physical impairments, please exchange your regular admission ticket(s) for special accommodation tickets when you pick up your cap and gown.  Special accommodation seating is limited and will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.   

Commencement Instructions:

The cap & gown:

  • If you still need to pick up your cap and gown, or have any issues with your regalia, please see Jennifer Etscheid in C-311 or contact her at 815-224-0361 or
  • It is recommended that you take your cap and gown out of the bag prior to Commencement so that the gown isn’t’ wrinkled. 
  • The caps are one size fits all. You may want to use bobby pins if your cap feels loose.
  • We strongly recommend that you wear shoes that you will be comfortable in and won’t be a challenge to walk in. You will walk from the lobby to the gym and then proceed into the gym, across the stage, and back to your seat.
  • Tassels are worn on the right side of the cap for the processional. During the ceremony when you are pronounced graduates, you move the tassel to the left side of the cap.
  • If you have a different color tassel (for example PTK or any other honors group), you may wear that instead of the purple & white one that comes with your cap.

 Saturday 5/18/2024:

  • If you are arriving with family or friends on Saturday, they can proceed directly to the gymnasium once it opens at 12 pm. However, if you want pictures taken, a professional photographer will be available on the Main Campus. This will be your opportunity to have your photo taken holding a diploma in front of a professional backdrop.  You may purchase photos directly from the photographer’s website at
  • You may go down to the gym and sit with your family and friends before the ceremony, as long as you report to the lobby of the main building no later than 1pm for lineup.

 Lining up in the Main Campus Lobby:

  • Please be in the lobby of the main campus no later than 1pm to get lined up for the ceremony. IVCC staff will be there to assist you with lineup.
  • It is important to be sure that you pick up your name card on the tables across from the Information Desk in the Main Lobby when you arrive on Saturday. That’s what you will hand to Mark Grzybowski so that they can announce your name when you receive your diploma.
  • If you have a name that is typically hard to pronounce, please see an IVCC staff member working the event so that we can make sure we pronounce your name correctly.
  • The graduation stewards and IVCC Staff members will lead you into the gymnasium behind the faculty. 
  • Once you’ve made it into the gym and down the stairwells to the gym floor and you’re ready to enter the gym floor, please stop. The IVCC staff member will tell you when to proceed. There are 20 seats per student row.

Processing into the gym:

  • Graduation stewards will lead you in and will count off seats in each row. Be sure to proceed all the way to the end, filling in all available seats. Turn toward the stage and remain standing.
  • We will direct you when to sit and when to stand.
  • When it comes time to announce your name, your row will be asked to stand.
    • When you come up to the stage, hand your name card to Mark Grzybowski.
    • When your name is read, walk across the stage and receive your diploma cover from President Morris, who will shake your hand.  
    • You will then shake the hand of an IVCC Board of Trustee member.
    • Proceed to the photographer, who will be off to the side of the stage for a photo of you with your diploma cover.
    • Then, walk back to your chair and be seated.
  • Don’t be surprised to see that there is not a diploma inside your diploma cover. These are not processed for a few weeks & will be sent to you. Transcripts are now available in the Admissions & Records Office.
  • Some of you will have designations on your card—Summa Cum Laude (with highest honors-4.0), Magna Cum Laude (with high honors-3.75-3.99), or Cum Laude (with honors-3.25-3.74) are all for degree students who met the criteria as of their final grades. Those students with a 3.25 or higher in their certificate earn Certificate Honors. These honors are all on your transcripts as well. They may differ slightly from the program, as the programs were printed before final grades were posted.

Reminders for your family:

  • We strongly discourage family and friends coming up towards the stage to take photos. We will have photographers taking candid photos and a videographer who need to be able to move to get the photos we need.
  • The first two rows of bleachers are reserved for individuals needing physical accommodations. Guests MUST have accommodation tickets to be seated in these rows.
  • You may keep your cap and gown, so feel free to decorate your cap!
  • A brief reception will be held after the ceremony just outside the gym. We hope you and your family can join us.
  • Students who are not graduating (due to final grades) can still walk in the ceremony.
  • Extra diploma covers are available for sale in the Bookstore.


2023 Commencement:

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To our graduates: it is our sincere hope that you have enjoyed your time at IVCC and we invite you to become a part of our alumni community at