IVCC Online Placement

Schedule ONLINE Placement Testing

IVCC offers online placement testing through Examity.  You will be able to take placement testing anywhere with a reliable computer and connection to the internet.

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IVCC Placement Testing Appointment Options

How to request online placement testing:

Are you ready for online placement testing?  Check out Examity's "For Students" page to learn about the requirements.

Check your email account for testing information.  Confirmation or follow up on online testing requests will be processed in no more than 2 business days.  The voucher you receive in email will provide your Examity appointment information.  Also make sure you have a valid photo ID to provide at the time of your virtual proctoring appointment. 

Computer Requirements for Examity, Online ACCUPLACER

Browser: Google Chrome   Please disable your pop-up blocker. 

-Desktop, Chromebook, or a laptop computer (tablets and mobile devices are not supported)
– Built-in or external webcam, microphone and speakers
– 2GB or more of RAM

Internet Connection: An upload and download speed of 2Mbps

Test your computer requirements here 

There is no charge at this time to the student for virtual proctoring.  If a student is retesting, they will be contacted by the IVCC Assessment Center to pay their retest fee before their voucher is processed. 

Questions about placement testing?  Contact someone in the Assessment Center, 815-224-0542.

Want review before your placement exam appointment?  Accuplacer has printable review as well as a free web based app that can assist you to feel more prepared for when you come to take your placement test.

Questions about admissions, counseling, or registration?  Contact someone in Student Services, 815-224-0360.