Alternative Credit

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Alternative Credit options are available at Illinois Valley Community College.

Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Exam Program (CLEP), DSST and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs offer students an opportunity to receive college credit through exam-based programs. Scores from these exams must be sent to IVCC Office of Records and Registration for credit evaluation. Please review the IVCC AP/CLEP Acceptance Guide  to learn about exam credit accepted by IVCC for CLEP and AP.  Please see an IVCC counselor for information on accepted DSST credits. Please also note that IVCC accepts only certain exams and limited credit hours by exam. Students wanting to take any credit exam should verify acceptance of exam in advance.

Proficiency Exams

IVCC offers specific proficiency exams that allow students to utilize work experience or education to exempt them for taking certain courses.  Proficiency exams are administered to determine if the student can meet all the course outcomes currently being taught in equivalent courses. 

Credit for proficiency examinations may be granted for full college credit for all students currently accepted to Illinois Valley Community College. Proficiency examinations may be offered in the form of a course written examination, combination of written and performance examination, and/or documentation of prior learning through use of a portfolio. The division in which the course is taught will place on file timelines and standards that must be attained to pass the examination. Approval to take an examination must be granted by the appropriate Dean. Credit offerings are at the discretion of each division and a list of the offerings and procedures are available in the Counseling Center and Division offices.