Speech Online

Concerned about taking a Speech class online?  

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IVCC Catalog Course Description

SPH 1001 Fundamentals of Speech 3 credit hours

A course in the fundamentals of speech presentation in audience situations with emphasis upon the development of effective research organization, delivery and listening. IAI: C2 900.

How this online course works:

  • The course content will be delivered through IVCC's Blackboard system.
  • Students will be required to complete the online assignments and tasks.
  • Students will also be required to prepare, deliver, and record assigned speeches to live audiences.

Need a space to record a speech on campus? 

Visit the viewing and recording room in the Academic Support Center (ASC) on the Oglesby Campus, A-201.  The room is equipped with the hardware and software you need to record your speeches.  Learn more about making arrangements for using the viewing and recording room.

Who should consider taking SPH1001 online?

  • Students who are comfortable using technology; computers, the internet, and a recording device such as a phone or camera to record and upload speeches.
  • Students who are experienced in or ready for online learning
  • Students who will take responsibility for their own learning
  • Students who will dedicate the required amount of time each week to work on the class; a 3-credit hour online class should require 9-12 hours of work per week

Not sure, yet?  Contact an IVCC counselor for more help in determining if online speech is right for you.

Have more questions?  Contact someone in the Online Learning office; patrice_hess@ivcc.edu or 815-224-0462.