Are you ready for online learning?

Am I prepared for online learning?

Hear from faculty member Nora Villarreal about being prepared for online classes.

Successful online learning requires good time management, good study skills, a reliable computer, and internet access. You must have a “Plan B” if your technology fails.  IVCC helps you prepare for your first online class at IVCC by providing an orientation.  If this is your first online class at IVCC, you'll enroll in CSP-0002 - Orientation to Distance Learning.  Learn more about that class here.

You will also have access to all the academic support resources (tutoring, writing center, technology help desk, library, disability services, counseling) IVCC provides. Please use them!  Learn more about academic support.

Do I have time for online learning?

Online classes take as much time, if not more time, than the same class in-person. For every 1 hour you would have spent in class, you should plan for 2-3 hours of study and assignments.  That's about 135 hours per semester for a 3 credit hour class.  The amount of work you're required to do each week also varies by the duration of the class: 16 weeks, 12 weeks, or 8 weeks. You cover the same amount of content in a shorter timeframe!  For example:

  • 16 weeks in-person: 3 hours in class+6-9 hours of work=9-12 hours/week
  • 16 weeks online: 135 hours/16 weeks=9-12 hours/week
  • 12 weeks online: 135 hours/12 weeks=12-14hours per week
  • 8 weeks online: 135 hours/8 weeks=17-20 hours per week

Online learning isn't "easier"...

  • Classes are instructor-led and require specific deadlines for completing tasks and submitting assignments.
  • Content in an online class is not “watered down”; an online class has the same outcomes as an in-person class.
  • Taking more responsibility for your own learning online can be more challenging than taking a class face-to-face.
  • If you do not have enough time to take a class in person, it’s likely you do not have enough time to take a class online; set aside time to regularly work on your online class.
  • Work with your counselor to determine if online learning is a good option for you!
    Adapted from "Online Education for Dummies"

Successful Online Students

  • Log in regularly and participate
  • Read and re-read assignment instructions
  • Spend dedicated time on studying
  • Ask questions
  • Communicate with the instructor
  • Work on assignments before they are due
  • Submit assignments by the deadlines
  • Keep track of course grades

Need more information? 815-224-0318, A-201, Student Help Desk, Oglesby Campus