IVCC Response to COVID-19

Last updated: April 16, 2021 - en español

Message from the President, April 1, 2021

COVID-19 Confirmed Cases

Current week Apr 5-11

cumulative since august 14

students 0 51
Employees 0 20
total  0 71
Table updated on April 16, 2021

IVCC Response to COVID-19 for Employees

Visit this page for employee-specific information

Students:  Who to Contact with Immediate Health Concerns

Students with immediate health concerns, such as a positive test result or potential exposure to COVID, should contact Mark Grzybowski,  Vice President of Student Services, mark_grzybowski@ivcc.edu, 815-224-0393.  

***If contacted by the IDPH (or County Health Department) as part of contact tracing, please use your local, home addresses and accurate identification information.***

Student COVID-19 Self-Certification and Verification Form

Form Link:  Submit by February 19, 2021

IVCC Response to COVID-19 for Students

A message from Dr. Corcoran, President, IVCC

  • Face coverings and social distancing will be the norm
  • Some in-person instruction will resume with safety protocols in place
  • Follow markings in classrooms and other spaces
  • Temperature monitoring will be at the main entrances
  • Your health and safety are our top concern

Before Coming to IVCC

  1. Check your class schedule and know if/when your classes meet on campus or online.  Not sure how your class works?  Check the delivery web page for information.  Pay attention to section numbers, locations, and meeting information
    • Internet Classes do not have meeting days and times
    • Blended Internet, Blended Main Campus, and Blended Ottawa Center classes have meeting days and times and meet online
    • In-person classes have meeting days, times, and locations
  2. Give yourself enough time to arrive, park, and enter the building where temperature checking will take place
  3. Have your mask ready to wear while inside the buildings
  4. DeMilio's will be open from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday in the cafeteria only
  5. Stay home and notify your instructors if you are feeling sick

When You Arrive at IVCC

  1. Wear a face covering.  If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a tight fitting facial covering, please contact the Vice President for Student Services, Mark Grzybowski, at 815-224-0393 or Mark_Grzybowski@ivcc.edu.
  2. Enter through the unlocked doors at the main entrance
  3. Follow the pathway and directional markings
  4. Stop and follow directions at the temperature checking stations (Main Campus) & handheld temperature check devices (Ottawa Center)
  5. Follow other instructions and directions provided by IVCC personnel
  6. Chairs tilted in spaces indicate they are clean.  Leave chairs that have been occupied grounded/on the floor to indicate they need to be cleaned.

Face Coverings

These guidelines are in accordance with the CDC, IDPH, and ICCB.

  • Face coverings are required in public spaces and other spaces when social distancing cannot be maintained
  • According to IVCC's Operations and Safety Plan, during Phase 4 - Revitalization - face coverings are required especially when social distancing is difficult
  • Face coverings are not required in offices when individuals are working alone or when social distancing can be maintained
  • Masks are required by all students and faculty in the classroom unless an exception has been granted by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Deborah Anderson, deborah_anderson@ivcc.edu, 815-224-0405

Computer and Internet Access

  • Wifi is available at IVCC locations
  • Ottawa Center computer lab
  • Jacobs Library, Oglesby Campus
  • Learning Commons, Oglesby Campus, D-201
  • Loaner webcams are available in the Learning Commons and Jacobs Library
  • We recommend personal earbuds or headsets be used; we may have a limited supply to provide.

Activities and Athletics

IVCC will be conducting safe, limited student activities and athletics.  Students should contact their coaches and/or organizational sponsor for specific information.  

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