COVID19 Work Group

Members: Patrice Hess, Sue Caley Opsal, Jeannette Phalen, Heather Seghi, Sara Escatel, Jennifer Scheri, Eric Johnson, Kathy Hart, Chris Dunlap, Scott Curley

Work group charge:  Questions, concerns, and suggestions regarding the safety of IVCC students, employees, and guests. The scope of work for this group does not include delivery of instruction.

COVID Work Group Notes 7/21/21

Attendees:  Mike Phillips, Heather Seghi, Sue Caley Opsal, Chris Dunlap, Eric Johnson, Patrice Hess, Jennifer Scheri, Leslie Hofer

  1. Leslie is gathering information from other schools and HR departments
  2. U of I announced all employees will be vaccinated
  3. Recent IBHE, ICCB guidance suggests mask wearing in common areas
  4. Other schools are determining if they require individuals to be tested regularly, vaccinated or unvaccinated
  5. Do we know who is using Shield for testing and requiring individuals to wear masks in classrooms and/or on campus?  JJC, Kishwaukee; maybe others.
  6. Deans met today, discussed current state, vaccinated individuals do not have to mask; unvaccinated individuals are asked to mask
  7. Bonnie met with Heather, Mike, and Sue today, and they recommend:
  8. Confined space in the classroom, close proximity, masks should be worn by all individuals in the classroom, regardless of vaccination status
  9. IVCC’s demographic has a large number of individuals who are not vaccinated
  10. The Delta variant has been detected in LaSalle County
  11. Unsure if social distancing needs to be done; classroom spaces may limit the possibility of doing social distancing
  12. IVCC will offer testing on campus twice a week, Monday and Thursday.  Test results will be given to IVCC within 24 hours if consent is given.  If no consent, the information will go through the Health Department for notifications.  This testing will also be open to the community.
  13. We are working on a policy for athletes to be tested.  Otherwise, testing is voluntary at this time.
  14. Discussion:
  15. Should we have policies for employees to get tested if they do not disclose they are vaccinated?
  16. Concerns for requiring masks and testing for vaccinated individuals were shared.
  17. We are not restricting masks; anyone can choose to wear one.
  18. The work group’s recommendations do not represent all faculty.
  19. If masks are required in the classroom and an individual needs an exception, who handles?  This needs to be defined.
  20. If someone tests positive in fall with testing on campus, what happens with quarantine?  Follow IDPH, LaSalle County policy.
  21. Bonnie will take the work group’s recommendations to PC on July 26.  Bonnie will send updates or schedule a meeting following the PC meeting.
Wednesday, January 27, 2021 Work Group Meeting Action Items
  1. What is the status of IVCC employees getting vaccinated?  Changes are being made by the health department regularly.  This is contingent on doses available.  Bonnie and Leslie are managing the employee list and in contact with the health department.  We may benefit from extra doses available at the clinics on campus.  Hy-Vee has also started vaccinating.  There are disparities with IVCC employees belonging to the "1B" group.
  2. If we are not vaccinating right now, why aren't we testing?  Individuals are getting tested.  No other community colleges are testing like four-year universities with residential students.
  3. Post update in everyone email and on COVID19e page.  (Bonnie and Leslie should provide details.)
  4. Add the a link to the memo for the vaccinations in our area.  Hy-Vee releases appointment 5 days in advance at midnight.  Hy-Vee indicated the second dose can be done there or elsewhere.
  5. If employees get vaccinations elsewhere, notify Bonnie Campbell and Leslie Hofer you should be removed from IVCC's list.
Wednesday, August 19 Work Group Meeting Action Items
  1. Maintain the current COVID19 page for students and create a new COVID page for employees.
  2. Establish a COVID hotline for questions, concerns, and suggestions - a form and an email address will be available on the employee COVID page, COVID19 page for employees Forms can be submitted anonymously or with identifying information.
  3. Create a Team in Microsoft for emails to be sent to  All members of the work group will receive emails sent to this address.
  4. Establish a weekly meeting pattern for the work group; Wednesdays, at 3 PM, via Zoom.
  5. Provide protocol information regarding temperature checking and response to individuals who are above the max temperature.  See Temperature Screening
  6. Provide clarity on cleaning schedules, responsibility and timing of Facilities cleaning, responsibility of individuals cleaning in classrooms.  
  7. Resolve access to the scheduling system so individuals know when spaces are in use, need to be cleaned.  IT is re-establishing required connections post-cyberattack.  Pending vendor assistance.
Wednesday, August 27 Work Group Meeting Action Items
  1. The work group will maintain additions to the employee FAQs as needed.  The date next to the FAQs will be updated when needed.
  2. The update date to the page will be updated as needed.
  3. Leslie Hofer is IVCC's liaison to the local health department.
  4. Updated temperature check flow charts published to the page.
  5. Facilities will provide logs/documentation for when spaces have been cleaned; notes on doors and/or instructor podiums.
  6. Add Before Coming to IVCC and Arriving at IVCC to the employee page.
  7. Add information for self-certification.
  8. How to properly clean keyboards?  Spray solution on rags, not directly on equipment.  Find and link videos.
Wednesday, September 2 Work Group Meeting Action Items
  1. Most questions that have come to the workgroup are anonymous. We're attempting to link topics and responses on the work group response page.
  2. Request a standing item in the employee news email to remind employees to consult the page and submit inquiries through the form or directly to the work group email.
  3. Clarify with deans on who to contact if there a positive student case; deans are not all on the same page.  Leslie will work with Mark to provide updated protocol to be published to the page.
  4. IVCC is discussing a dashboard with the number of confirmed cases on a weekly basis; see JJC's dashboard, COVID page.  We are also looking for additional guidance on this from ICCB.
  5. Facilities have a log sheet for room cleaning.  Every classroom will have an occupancy grid.  Occupants can cross-check the occupancy grid and the cleaning log.
  6. Facilities is working on signage for tables and chairs to indicate tilted chairs are clean, grounded chairs need to be cleaned.
  7. Do I have to take sick leave if I am sick but still teaching my classes from home?  If you are able to still teach your classes from home, you do not have to take sick leave.
  8. What other spaces are occupied on the main campus?  Adult Education, Continuing Education, CTE, and other programs are on campus.  Programs are using non-traditional spaces for larger groups.  IT was asked to prepare 60 classrooms and labs for the fall semester.
  9. The work group will meet again next week, 9/9.
Wednesday, September 23, 2020 Work Group Action Items
  1. Revise the FAQ list on this page, (this link contains outdated information and has been intentionally inactivated).
    For the current IVCC Response to COVID-19.     
    What is the most effective form of Covid-19 prevention? per recommendation and support from the group.  Question and FAQ update date revised.

  2. Removed the deadline from the self-certification form.  The form will need to be completed each semester by employees.
  3. Consider mailing a paper form to part-time faculty along with their teaching assignments for the spring term. 
  4. Previously noted was employees entering through the dock door.  Added to the Q/A for the work group was this concern and a statement about a temperature checking device connected to the front desk.
  5. Reminder/reinforcement that health concerns among students should be reported to Mark and employees to Leslie.
  6. Praise to Facilities for protocols of posting schedules, getting cleaning done in between classes, events, and overnight.
  7. Update on use of Facilities by individuals who tested positive.  Recommendation is to deep clean if a space was occupied by the individual in the past 7 days.  If the space was occupied 8 or more days prior, normal cleaning is done, although deep cleaning is being done by request.
  8. Next meeting is October 7.