Counseling and Advising

Our highly trained staff will assist you with academic planning which includes: 

Academic Advising

Beginning with admission to the college and continuing each semester, we encourage you to consult with a counselor each semester to schedule your courses. We will assist with program reviews, course sequences, & semester schedules.

  • Academic Planning

    Counselors are available to facilitate the exploration of your educational goals by:

    • Introducing degree guide sheets & electronic resources
    • Learning strategies for success
    • Exploring major fields of study
    • Understanding general education requirements
    • Mapping the path, time-line, expense and personal resources needed to meet your goal
  • Career Counseling

    IVCC Counselors can help you to explore and clarify your understanding of personal qualities that influence your career choice.  Counselors are available to aid in the career decision-making process and to select educational programs related to a chosen career direction. Counselors assist with:

    • Exploring options and opportunities in the career fields
    • Identifying your personal interests, skills and abilities
    • Matching an educational plan with your career interests
    • Encouraging personal growth and development through education
    • Career information is located in Career Services
  • Academic Advising Resources

    Degree and certificate options, information about majors, and GPA information can be found on the Academic Advising webpage. 


First-time student? Schedule your First-Year Counseling & Registration appointment.

Current or Returning Student? How to meet with a counselor.