Syllabus Statements

IVCC faculty may link to specific resources or copy and paste statements into course syllabi.  We recommend linking to services and programs so as information changes, your syllabus will remain accurate.

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Visit the Center for Accessibility and Neurodiversity's syllabi statement document for options.

Tutoring and Writing Center

The Tutoring and Writing Center offers free, unlimited, one-on-one or group tutoring for students. Tutors can help with specific courses and with all stages of the writing process. The Tutoring and Writing Center also has helpful handouts available. Schedules and appointment availability can be found by visiting, emailing, emailing, calling the Tutoring and Writing Center at 815-224-0637, or stopping by the Tutoring and Writing Center, A-201, in the Academic Support Center.

Retention Alert

The Retention Alert program allows instructors to notify IVCC staff that students are struggling or at risk of being unsuccessful in a class.  When I send a Retention Alert, IVCC staff will make attempts to reach students who might benefit from academic and personal support services.  I can make alerts for the following reasons:  not attending class, not participating in an online class, struggling with the use of technology, low test scores, low course grades, support for food, shelter, transportation, or funds to stay in college.  When an alert is sent, staff attempt to reach the student and connect the student to College and/or community resources.  Staff may reach out to students in-person, via email, and/or via text.  The aim of the Retention Alert program is to connect students with people, programs, and services who may be able to help students succeed.  I use the Retention Alert program to help promote your connections with the College and your opportunities to be successful in this class.


Guidelines for Recordings, Privacy

FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, and all amendments, any unit of the college holding student records shall obtain written consent of the student before disclosing personally identifiable information, other than directory information, from his/her educational records.

IVCC Student Code of Conduct

Visit the online handbook for the latest Code of Conduct

Discipline may be imposed whenever a student commits or attempts to commit any act of misconduct on the College campus, or at a sporting event, activity, function or other event sponsored or supervised by the College.

IVCC Student Rights and Responsibilities

Visit the online handbook for the latest Rights and Responsibilities

Students of Illinois Valley Community College have the same rights accorded all citizens under the Constitution of the United States. Included among these are the right to free, open and responsible discussion and inquiry.  Students are expected to conduct themselves as responsible members of the College community. Disruption of the educational process and violation of the rights of others constitutes irresponsible behavior.  Students are responsible for knowing and abiding by all College regulations along with federal, state and local statutes.

Dropping a Class vs. Withdrawing from a Class

A drop is different than a withdrawal. Students may drop a course within the first 10 days of a full semester course (5 days of an 8 week course) and will receive a refund. Students will not receive a refund upon withdrawing from a course.

What happens to Financial Aid recipients who withdraw or stop attending classes?  Click here to learn more.