Single Parents

single parent woman student and son both reading at laundrymat

A single parent is defined as either a single pregnant woman or an individual who is unmarried or legally separated from a spouse and has a minor child or children for which the parent either has custody or joint custody.

Navigating college can be challenging and overwhelming. Balancing the responsibilities outside of college is complex. Below are resources for single parents.

Join Single Parent Connections (PDF)

Single Parent Support Session

Child Care Assistance Program through IDHS

     What is Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)?

IL Cares for Kids (IDHS)

Child Care Locator & Other Resources

Head Start development program

Head Start Health

Tool Kit for Parents Choosing Child Care

2-1-1 Get Connected, Get Help

View more IVCC & Community Resources

View resources specific to other special populations, such as low income.

View information on YMCA Little Eagles Child Care for enrolled IVCC students

Online/Phone Support Services

Reach out to Hannah Bowermaster via phone/text at 815-224-0575 or email with questions or if you need assistance.

Do you need financial assistance? View potential low income resources and the adult student webpage directory.