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Prioritizing Student Welfare: IVCC's Supportive Resources

IVCC is aware that many students face significant challenges outside of the classroom that can negatively impact their academic performance. Such challenges may include inadequate access to food, unstable housing, childcare concerns, family obligations, physical and mental health issues, unexpected expenses, or technological difficulties.

As a student, your safety, health, and well-being are our top priorities. We strive to provide you with any assistance you may need to succeed. Our website offers information on resources available at IVCC and within our community.

Single Stop screening tool
     This tool screens you for federal, state, & local benefits that you might be eligible for!

Information and Resources for Students Experiencing Homelessness

Information and Resources for Youth that are in or aged out of foster care

Food insecurity resources & Eagles Peak food pantry

Resources for SNAP recipients

IVCC & Community Resources
     This webpage has a vast array of resources both at IVCC and in the community.

Illinois Valley Community Resource Guide (PDF)
     This is a listing of Illinois Valley Community Resources including counseling, health, substance abuse, disability services, basic needs, child care, food pantries, employment, & transportation.

College Resource Guide (PDF)
     This guide helps students know who to contact on campus depending on what resource or service they need.

Special Populations
     As defined by Perkins V, Special Populations includes adults or traditional students with disabilities, low income, preparing for nontraditional fields, single parents, out of workforce, English Learners, homeless, youth in or aged out of foster care, and youth with parent in the military. 

Your HOUSE Liaison

To provide assistance to students experiencing homelessness, the State of Illinois Public Act 102-0083 requires each institution of higher education to designate at least one staff member to serve as a liaison to assist homeless students enrolled at the institution.

IVCC's HOUSE Liaison is Crystal Credi.

Call/Text: (815) 224-0380


Resources for students experiencing homelessness

Benefits Navigator

Mark Grzybowski, Vice President for Student Services

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