IVCC Information and Reports

National Community College Benchmark Project (NCCBP)

IVCC 2021 NCCBP Executive Summary (PDF)
IVCC 2020 NCCBP Executive Summary (PDF)
IVCC 2019 NCCBP Executive Summary (PDF)
IVCC 2018 NCCBP Executive Summary
IVCC 2017 NCCBP Executive Summary (PDF)
IVCC 2016 NCCBP Executive Summary (PDF)

Illinois Community College Board Underrepresented Groups Report

2021 ICCB Underrepresented Populations Report (PDF)
2020 ICCB Underrepresented Populations Report (PDF)
2019 ICCB Underrepresented Populations Report
2018 ICCB Underrepresented Populations Report (PDF)
2017 ICCB Underrepresented Populations Report (PDF)

Illinois Community College Board Program Review

Program Review Schedule - 2022-2026 (PDF)
2021 Program Review Report (PDF) (Submitted in 2022)
2020 Program Review Report  (PDF) (submitted in 2021)
2019 Program Review Report  (PDF) (submitted in 2020)
2018 Program Review Report  (PDF) (submitted in 2019)
2017 Program Review Report  (PDF) (submitted in 2018)

IPEDS Data Feedback Reports

2021 IPEDS Data Feedback Report (PDF)
2020 IPEDS Data Feedback Report (PDF)
2019 IPEDS Data Feedback Report (PDF)
2018 IPEDS Data Feedback Report (PDF)
2017 IPEDS Data Feedback Report (PDF)
2016 IPEDS Data Feedback Report (PDF)

IVCC Quick Facts

2023 Institutional Information (PDF)
Note: For Fall 2023, IVCC combined Quick Facts with the Profile of the College, renaming the report Institutional Information
2022 Quick Facts (PDF)
2021 Quick Facts (PDF)
2020 Quick Facts  (PDF)
2019 Quick Facts (PDF)
2018 Quick Facts (PDF)