Music, Theatre and Art Scholarships

Illinois Power: Brooke Robinson Memorial
Eligibility Requirements
1. Graduate of Putnam County High School
2. Pursuing an art or music-related career

Lucille & Ethel Rottner Memorial
Eligibility Requirements
1. Graduate of L-P Township High School or St. Bede Academy
2. Sophomore status (30+ credit hours completed by end of Spring 2024)
3. Pursuing an art-related career
4. Minimum 2.50 GPA

Department Scholarships

Contact IVCC art instructor Shannon Slaight-Brown, 815-224-0351, for eligibility requirements.
*Gerrard Fine Arts

Contact IVCC music instructor Michael Pecherek, 815-224-0430, for eligibility requirements.
*The Open Court
*William & Ethyl Strong
*William & Marge Strong
r. Mary Margaret Weeg Music
*Malcolm & Doris Ann Whipple

Contact IVCC Theatre instructor Dr. David Kuester, 815-224-0352, for audition dates and eligibility requirements.
*Matt Boehm Memorial Theatre
*Duguid-Muhich Theatre
*Gerrard Fine Arts
*Giacomo R. Leone
*Frances Rabenstein Memorial
*Dr. Mary Margaret Weeg Theatre