Personal Counseling Assistance Program

On occasion an unexpected incident can cause personal feelings of doubt, depression, pain, and loss. The IVCC Personal Counseling Assistance Program (P-CAP) provides confidential and professional counseling assistance to enrolled students in emergency situations.  Counselors are professionally trained in mental health, personal development and relationship issues and can provide immediate, short-term assistance.  Referrals may be made to community agencies, medical services or public assistance for continued services.  IVCC does not provide long-term counseling services.

Mental Health Counseling

Transformative Growth Counseling is a 501c3 non-profit organization serving people across Illinois, including students here at IVCC. Their office is located in the Counseling Center, CTC-202. 

The TGC staff here at IVCC can see a variety of clients and address a wide scope of needs. Their staff is here to help students with a variety of needs that range from depression to stress to crisis stabilization. Transformative Growth focuses on Attachment and Emotionally Focused Therapy, but a wide variety of other therapy types and various types of expertise are available to help you.

In the event you are experiencing a crisis or emergency situation when you are on campus, you will be given priority attention. Please come to the Counseling Center in CTC 202 or call the Transformative Growth hotline at 630-423-6010. When calling or visiting, be sure to indicate that you need to speak to a counselor about a personal and urgent issue so that you can be given first priority.