IVCC Winter Retreat at Nell's Woodland

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Illinois Valley Community College is cultivating connections with Nell’s Woodland working together to facilitate meaningful and connected relationships to nature through programs that support stewardship in the areas of ecology, health, wellness and the arts.

Illinois Valley Community College will offer a Fall Retreat with experiences for youth and adults; including intergenerational programs at Nell’s Woodland located at 2000 Alexis Avenue, Ottawa, Illinois. Our winter and spring session of programming is underway.

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Additional classes to be announced. Please check back for updates on added classes including summer and youth programs. 

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About Nell's Woodland

The Nell’s Foundation has been made possible through the inspiration and generous support of former Ottawan Mr. James Downey. Located at 2000 Alexis Avenue on 58 acres of beautiful oak woodland preserve, his contributions have allowed the creation of an engaging and evolutionary place. The mission of the Nell’s Woodland Foundation is to provide people with a connection to nature, programs, and educational opportunities that support stewardship in the areas of Ecology, Wellness, and the Arts.

Spring offerings will feature a partnership with Illinois Valley Community College, providing a variety of continuing education opportunities aligned with the Nell’s Woodland spheres of influence, along with public access to the park on Thursdays-Mondays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

Additional plans are underway for a variety of other opportunities and programs to be announced via the Nell's Woodland website and future press releases.  

The Nell’s Woodland community aspires to enhance and nuture the natural landscape of the 58-acre property. To date they have developed a walking pathway system that traverses 6,800 feet traveling across three distinct ridges allowing individuals to immerse themselves in the serenity of the preserve. For visitors and friends, they have developed facilities to support and enhance activities. With the belief that nature has the capacity to inspire, promote curiosity and generate creative ways of thinking and expression through the arts Nell’s Woodland is open to all ages, backgrounds and demographics.

Yoga at Nells Woodland

"Nature provides the inherent capacity to inspire, promote curiosity, and generate creative ways of thinking and expression through the arts."

Nell's Woodland Foundation