Copy Center

Sarah Morgensen Shipping & Receiving/Copy Center Coordinator
Manessa Trench - Copy Center Assistant

Room B-112
Phone: (815) 224-0313

Copy requests are typically completed within 24 hours.
Extra time will be needed for larger projects, at the start of a semester, or at exam time.
All pages must be numbered.

Copy Center Request Form

Copy Center Color Choices

Copy Center Pricing

  1. Complete the Copy Center Request Form or describe your request in the body of your email.
  1. Email the file to be printed along with the request form as an attachment to or deliver the form to be copied, along with original copy, to Manessa Trench. 
  1. Copies will be picked up in Instructor’s Work Room/Copy Center – Room B113 or delivered to the mail room. Combination to Room B113 provided at employee orientation or from Manessa Trench.

If you have any questions, contact Manessa at extension 313 or Sarah at extension 315. 

Thank you
Sarah Morgensen & Manessa Trench