Learning Resources Skills Development

IVCC Math, Reading, and Writing Skills Development

This program supports students in developing math, reading, and writing skills. Improved skills create opportunities for enrollment in developmental, and eventually, college-level classes at IVCC.


This program is for students who:

  • have a high school diploma or its equivalent and tested at the individual plan level in math, reading, and/or writing (English).
  • are referred by an IVCC employee such as a counselor or faculty member.

Students who dedicate time and effort to this program may be able to advance from the individual plan to developmental courses. These advancements may lessen the time and number of courses required in earning a certificate or degree from IVCC.

Students enrolled in IVCC classes will be given priority to participate in this program. However, any IVCC district resident is eligible to participate.


Learning Resources staff will provide an individualized plan, including free tutoring, for the student to improve academic skills and potentially move into developmental courses. When appropriate, students will be given opportunities to retake the placement test. 

Students participating in this program should expect to commit 3 or more hours per week to the plan.

Students will work with a tutor to determine what materials are needed. Students might have to buy materials for this program, but the tutoring is free.


Students may participate in this program on campus or online.

To apply, contact the tutoring coordinator. Call 815-224-0479, email tutoring@ivcc.edu, or visit the Tutoring and Writing Center in the Academic Support Center (A-201) .