You must use your K-Number and password to set up a payment plan.

Once in WebAdvisor:

1. Choose Student Menu

2. Log into WebAdvisor using your K-Number and password (WebAdvisor FAQs)

3. Choose "Payment Plan Setup - FACTS/Nelnet" from the Financial Information section

4. Enter bank/credit card info, choose desired payment plan option and submit agreement for confirmation number.

There is no interest or credit check, and anyone is eligible to use the payment plan as long as your balance is $100.00 or more.  Any questions regarding the payment plan can be directed to the Cashier Department (815) 224-0213 or by visiting our website at ivcc.edu/ecashier.

Please do not assume your balance will automatically be adjusted if financial aid is received or a class is dropped or added.  You should call the Illinois Valley Community College cashier's office at (815) 224-0213 to request a change.


If you have questions about your agreement with FACTS/Nelnet, please call either:

  • the Illinois Valley Community College Cashier’s Office at (815) 224-0213
  • or FACTS/Nelnet Tuition Management Company at (800) 609-8056.

Important! Call FACTS/Nelnet at (800) 609-8056 to make any changes to your address, phone or banking information.  If you have questions regarding your FACTS/Nelnet agreement please contact FACTS/Nelnet directly or view your agreement online through My FACTS/Nelnet Account.  To access My FACTS/Nelnet Account, follow the instructions located on the FACTS/Nelnet Confirmation Letter or e-mail.  If you have questions regarding your financial aid award or tuition balance, please call the Illinois Valley Community College Cashier's Office at (815) 224-0213.