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Lillian Rodrigues

Rodrigues relentless in pursuit of medical career

Lillian RodriguesLillian Rodrigues is not easily intimidated. Though Latinas make up less than 4 percent of the STEM workforce, Lillian is onher way to an advanced nursing degree from Northern Illinois University following two critical years of growth at Illinois Valley Community College. “I received unconditional support at IVCC,” she says. “It provided me with the resources and backing I needed to succeed in a STEM field.” After NIU, she plans to return to Mendota to practice rural medicine.

Lillian RodriguesLillian was born in California – her mother Rosa left Mexico to provide her daughter greater opportunity in the U.S. – and moved to Mendota at age 3. As a junior at Mendota High School, she raised $2,000 to attend the Congress of Future Medical Leaders at Harvard University.

IVCC has prepared Lillian well for NIU. So well, in fact, she assists fellow students with class work.  “If I didn’t have the opportunity to attend IVCC, I wouldn’t have the same confidence I have now. I got a job quickly on campus and made many new friends,” she says. “IVCC helped me build a great resume, prepared me for internship interviews and set me up to receive generous scholarships at NIU. I advise students to use the resources provided by IVCC.”

 Lillian Rodrigues