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Introduction to Zoom

 All IVCC Zoom professional accounts will by default have the following settings enabled.  These may be modified by the account holder as needed.  The tutorials found under the optimize settings heading below provide instructions for customizing these options.

  • Audio for session participants is muted upon entering the webinar
  • Breakout rooms are not enabled
  • Polling is not enabled
  • Screen sharing is available for the facilitator but not participants
  • Sessions are not automatically recorded
  • Video for session participants is muted upon entry into the meeting

Zoom News and Updates

Visit the Zoom news and updates page to read about recent changes and news affecting Zoom accounts.  For information regarding Zoom outages and alternative webinar options visit our Zoom Contingency Plan web page.

Getting Started

Optimize Zoom Settings

Recording Zoom Meetings

Guidelines for Recordings

  • Keep your recoding short, topic specific, and ten minutes or less in duration.
  • Post the content to a server that is intended for streaming video . (Youtube is a favorite)
  • Consider posting the link to your content in Blackboard with a description of the content.
  • If you post your content to Youtube check the automatically created closed captions for accuracy.  Sometimes it will require some corrections. 
  • If you have opted to save your Zoom recording to the cloud be sure to check the text transcript for accuracy and make corrections if necessary.
  • Each Zoom professional account has a cloud recording storage limit of .5GB. To see how much you have used log into Zoom and select the recordings link found at the left of the screen. Cloud recordings will be automatically deleted after they have been stored for 120 days.
  • Guidelines and instructions for creating and sharing video podcasts

Recorded Zoom Lectures Distributed to Students in Other Sections

Faculty may send recorded lectures to students in multiple sections as long as section enrollment information is not included.  IVCC Guidance on Complying with FERPA in Distance Learning.

Recording and Privacy Syllabus Statement

This class will use software to record class sessions.  Recordings will be made available only to students enrolled in the class.  Should the instructor wish to publish the video outside of the password protected classroom, the instructor will obtain consent from all students before the recording is made available. 

During recorded sessions, students should follow the instructor's guidelines regarding audio and/or video feeds during the class session and recording.

Students may be asked to record and submit video and/or audio content for coursework.  Recordings will be seen by the instructor of the class and could be shared with other students in the class.  Should the instructor wish to publish the video or audio outside of the class, the instructor will obtain consent from the student who submitted the work before publishing.

Zoom User Group

Find useful tips and share ideas and resources with other IVCC zoom users.  Advanced and new users will all find useful information.  Sign up on the CETLA Events Page to get the meeting link and visit the Zoom Tips to see an archive of useful tips sent out via email.