Teaching Online and Blended Classes

Last updated December 16, 2020

Curriculum Committee Approval

The regular IVCC Curriculum Committee process for designing and delivering courses in online or blended formats requires committee approval before the delivery format is changed.  For the 2020-2021 academic year (summer and fall 2020, spring 2021), IVCC will not require committee approval for online or blended delivery.  If a course delivery format is changing in summer 2021 and beyond, Curriculum Committee approval is required.  This process should be initiated through the division dean using the required forms.

First-Time Offering Payment

FT faculty teaching an online class for the first time receive one credit hour equal to the overload rate in the first semester the course is taught.  PT faculty receive one credit equal to the pay rate in the first semester the course is taught. This payment is handled by the division dean and is made in the term in which the class is first offered.

Course Development Funding

All faculty, full-time and part-time, have the option to earn course development funding for one course every 3 years.  Full-time faculty have the option to be granted release time for course development.  Faculty seeking course development funding or release time have one year in which to complete all of the required steps.  These steps come from the IVCC FT faculty contract, 2018-2021, Online or Blended Course Development Process

  1. Complete the course development request form (formerly intent to teach online form).  This form must be completed and signed by the faculty member, dean, vice president, and director at the start of the process.
  2. Complete the Teaching Online at IVCC course.  Check with Patrice, Patrice_Hess@ivcc.edu on the next offering.
  3. Complete 2 hours of graduate credit in online learning (required for FT faculty, optional for PT faculty).  Faculty who already have graduate credit in online learning may submit a transcript for review to Patrice Hess.  Faculty who need to complete this step may register for an Illinois Online Network (ION) class for which the college pays the fees.  If the class fee is paid by IVCC, this class cannot be used for salary advancement.  Learn more about the Illinois Online Network (ION) Master Online Teacher Program
  4. Demonstrate a unit or more of your online or blended class for a review team. The team will be looking for elements in your course as described by the Online Best Practices (2017).

Questions?  Contact Patrice Hess, Patrice_Hess@ivcc.edu, 815-224-0462