IVCC PD Compensation Requests

When you successfully complete a professional development event offering compensation, you are eligible for a stipend (full-time and part-time faculty) or  salary advancement (full-time faculty). 

Stipend Payments

Part-time faculty earn stipends for successful completion of the event.  Full-time faculty may elect stipend payment or salary advancement.  If you are receiving or electing a stipend, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the stipend request form, Faculty Development Stipend Request Form(pdf) The form will be emailed to the event organizer.  The form will be forwarded to your dean for approval.  The approved form will be retained until the end of the event.
  2. Once you successfully complete the event, your stipend will be processed. You should receive payment in a regular payment disbursement within 2-4 weeks following the event.

Salary Advancement (Full-Time Faculty)

Full-time faculty have the option for salary advancement as compensation for the event.  If you choose salary advancement, follow these steps:

  1. Notify the event organizer that you are choosing salary advancement.
  2. Complete the Coursework/Activities Proposed for Salary Schedule Advancement form (PDF), ivcc.edu/PDsalary
    1. Coursework or Activity – Activity
    2. Course Number – Blank
    3. Course/Activity – Event Title
    4. Institution/Organization – Event Sponsor
    5. Instructor/Supervisor – Event Organizer
    6. Credit Hours – Determined by hours, credit hour equivalency (see Salary Advancement Formula)
    7. Subject or Related – Related
    8. Description – Enter Description
    9. Beginning and End Dates – Dates
    10. Requested by – Faculty Name
    11. Faculty Signature - Signature
    12. Approved by – Obtain your dean’s signature before the event begins
  3. Submit the completed form with signatures to Dawn Watson in the Academic Affairs office and send a copy of the form to the event organizer.
  4. Once you successfully complete the event, your salary advancement request will be processed. Questions about salary movement should be directed to your dean.

These requests must be made, with dean approval, prior to the start of the event.

Questions?  Contact someone in CETLA, 815-224-0530 or cetla@ivcc.edu