Emergency Procedures Classroom Checklist

Consider completing this checklist and providing it to students for each classroom in which your classes are held on campus.

When dialing 911 from campus, the 911 dispatcher will call IVCC Campus Security. In medical emergencies, Campus Security with page First Responders.

Sample Emergency Procedures Classroom Checklist

  • Our class room building letter and room number _____.
  • In case of emergency in this room, who is willing to call 911?  The 911 dispatcher will call IVCC Campus Security and Emergency Responders.
  • In case of the need to evacuate this room, the nearest exit from this classroom is _____.
  • If we do need to evacuate, we will meet up at _____ (location).
  • The nearest place to take shelter during a tornado warning is _____.
  • If we need to shelter in place in this room, we should shelter in _____.
  • In case of fire, who will pull the fire alarm?
  • The nearest fire alarm is ______.
  • The nearest fire extinguisher is ______.
  • The nearest Area of Rescue Assistance and an emergency call box are located _____.  If you need assistance to evacuate, please proceed to this area and push the call box button.