CETLA Dual Credit Instructor Training

The Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (CETLA) at IVCC offers Dual Credit instructors a fully online, self-paced training experience to learn more about instructor and student technology.

  • This course is designed to help dual credit instructors access technology accounts and systems at IVCC and inform students of the technology and systems they have access to as students at IVCC. 
  • This is a self-paced course that should take an hour to complete.
  • You will receive a badge of completion after completing the course. 

To self-enroll in Dual Credit Instructor Training:

  1. Log in to Brightspace at IVCC, http://ivcc.brightspace.com.  Off campus, you will need to log in to Brightspace using your IVCC Microsoft account.  Visit the Employee Technology Accounts guide for more information.  If you need assistance, contact someone in CETLA: 815-224-0530.  If you are on campus using an IVCC computer, you should be able to access Brightspace without having to log in again.
  2. In Brightspace, click on the Discover link in the center of the top-center navigation bar.
  3. In the Discover/Search... box, search for Dual Credit Instructor Training.
  4. Click Enroll in Course.  You will be enrolled in the course.  You may use the Open Course button, or you may find the course listed in your "Select a course..." menu in the upper-right.  If you want to pin the course to the top of your list, use the pushpin icon on the right of the course name.

In the course:

  1. Read the welcome announcement
  2. Go to the Content menu and work through each area using the navigation arrows or the table of contents:
  • Before You Start:  Tips on navigating Brightspace and a link to the Course Overview page
  • Unit 1: IVCC Technology Accounts: Email, WebAdvisor, Brightspace, Turnitin, Office365
  • Unit 2: Course Evaluations: End of course feedback surveys administered for all dual credit classes
  • Unit 3: Student Support: Promoting technology and academic support for students

There are Knowledge Checks at the end of each Unit.  Completing each check contributes to earning a badge for completing this training.

Additional Assistance: Dual Credit Technology

  • The CETLA team at IVCC can provide all Dual Credit instructors with additional technology training. Call 815-224-0530 or email cetla@ivcc.edu to setup an appointment.
  • The Student Help Desk team will provide virtual and in-person technology orientations for dual credit students.  Call 815-224-0318 or email shd@ivcc.edu to make a request.