i-Pathways Distance Learning Program

i-Pathways is an distance learning High School Equivalency preparation website. If you are interested in preparing for the GED tests from a remote location such as your home or the library, complete the questionnaire below to request information from Adult Education to begin registration or call Cindy at 815-224-0358 for more information.

Do you have daily access to a computer with a keyboard and internet?*
Note: A mobile phone or tablet are not applicable devices for this program.
Do you consider yourself an experienced internet and email user?*
Are you able to meet with an instructor in person periodically?*
In person meetings would consist of registration, pre and post testing, etc.
Have you been enrolled in Adult Education classes here or elsewhere?*
Do you feel you have the qualities that make you a good candidate for online learning?*
Assess your readiness for online learning at: http://www.ilcco.net/GED/GED.cfm
An email address is required for the i-Pathways program.
The Adult Education program at IVCC will contact you through email regarding eligibility and enrollment for this online program. Adult Education reserves the discretion to determine eligibility.

Consideration Guidelines for Online Instruction

  1. Student will score at or above the 9th grade level in reading and math as determined by the Test of Adult Education (TABE) test.
  2. Student will attend an initial meeting by appointment for registration, interview, testing.
  3. Student will attend a second meeting to complete a face-to-face orientation.
  4. Subsequent in person meetings may be scheduled by the teacher to establish short-term and long-term goals for completion of the
    i-Pathways online instruction.
  5. Student will e-mail the instructor at a minimum of once a week to advise progress and receive tutoring as needed.
  6. In person meetings may be necessary periodically to complete the program (post testing, GED practice test, lesson review, goal setting, etc.).
Please answer the following questions below and submit the form. Someone will contact you from Adult Education for further consideration for the i-Pathways program.

NOTE:  Information in this form is directed to an Adult Education provider email inbox and is not encrypted.  Please do not send personal or private information that should not be shared.