How to Form a New Organization

Forming a New Organization

Any group of students wishing to form a new co-curricular organization at IVCC shall present an Application for New Student Organization form to the Coordinator of Student Activities in room E-306.  This may be obtained online at:


The Establishment and Operation of IVCC Student Organizations

The information which follows is intended as a basic guide to the creation and development of student organizations. The purpose of student organizations is to provide a means to meaningful social and personal experiences which complement the academic goals of students at Illinois Valley Community College. 

An IVCC campus organization is defined as (1) a voluntary association of currently enrolled IVCC students and an IVCC faculty or an administrative sponsor, (2) a group whose purpose in organizing is compatible with philosophy, programs, and facilities of the college, and (3) an organization whose essential business will be conducted on the campus of IVCC.