Licensed Practical Nursing Certificate

Licensed Practical Nurse Certificate

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What is Practical Nursing?                           

A Licensed Practical Nurse is an important member of the health-care team.  LPN's help patients in clinics, primary care provider's offices, and long-term care facilities.  LPN's work under the supervision of primary care providers and registered nurses.  LPN's perform many types of basic nursing care, including administering medication and completing dressing changes.  The State of Illinois determines what LPN's can do by defining their "scope of practice".  LPN's are a vital part of a complex health-care team that sees to the needs of the patient, and families.

Program Options

Illinois Valley Community College’s Licensed Practical Nursing Program is completed in three semesters or nine months. After the completion of the required courses, you will receive a Certificate in Licensed Practical Nursing.

Features of the Program

IVCC’s Licensed Practical Nursing Program prepares you for an active role in the health care industry through classroom, laboratory, and hands-on experiences in modern, high-tech Health-care facilities.  All clinical activities are instructed by highly qualified Nursing Faculty members.  LPN students will attend clinical sites where highly experienced and qualified medical and nursing professionals practice.  The IVCC LPN Program will prepare students to apply knowledge on the nursing process while using therapeutic nursing and communication skills, while meeting the holistic needs of each individual in a variety of health care settings.  In the past 3 years the LPN NCLEX pass rate has been 100%.


IVCC tuition is just one-third to one-fourth the cost of state universities and far below most private institutions. An approximation of tuition and fees and cost comparison can be found on the IVCC website at and at
Many scholarship opportunities are available through the IVCC Foundation at and Financial Aid is available for those who qualify at

Reasons to Obtain your LPN Certificate at IVCC

  • Personalized Attention - smaller class sizes and more one on one time with nursing instructors is offered.
  • Clinical sites are plentiful and modern, within the IVCC district.
  • Financial Aid is available to assist students financially.
  • Close to home!  No need to pay for room and board.  Stay at home and earn your certificate in just 9 months!
  • The certificate earned at IVCC is a step on the ladder for gaining more knowledge in patient care.  The next step in the process is transitioning into the Register Nurse (RN) program.  One additional academic year will take you from LPN to a licensed Registered Nurse.
  • Several of the general education classes and core classes are available online to better serve students who are busy with family and jobs.

Program Contacts



Heather Seghi

Dean of Health Professions
Office: A-217

Sue Smith

Director of Nursing

Office:  A-214b

Kelli Shan

Administrative Assistant
Office:  A 214