Liaison Duties and Processes

Initial Meeting

Meet with the part-time faculty member early in the semester. If possible, tour the classroom and lab facilities. Review syllabus with attention to the Best Practices. Pay attention to:

  • Course description
  • Course objectives
  • Course outline
  • Classroom management
  • Lesson planning
  • Institutional Learning Outcomes
  • Grading scale and grade policy
  • Textbook and textbook coverage

Classroom Observation Visit

Visit the classroom for an observation before the midterm if possible. The observation will be announced. Fill out the rubric. Liaisons will observe as much of the class as possible and simply indicate whether a particular item was observed or not observed. Liaisons will make note if further action is needed, which would mean the Dean observes the part-time faculty member.

Follow-Up Visit

Meet with the part-time faculty member as soon as possible after the observation visit.  Liaisons may consider conferring with the dean prior to meeting with the part-time faculty to review the observation findings.

Discuss instructional activities, course pacing and rigor, professional development opportunities, and determine if any problems or concerns exist.


The liaison and the part-time faculty fill out a short evaluation of the program at the conclusion of the year.


Payment for the liaison program will be made by the dean after successful completion of the liaison duties.