NFO Program Archive

Spring 2022 FT Faculty Orientation Sessions

Sessions are offered two times to meet scheduling needs.  Sessions are in Zoom and could be recorded.  Links for sessions will be shared with participants in email.  Questions?, 815-224-0462, E-209 Oglesby Campus

Friday, 2/11, 9 AM or Monday, 2/14, 2 PM

Meeting "the other new guys"...

  • Dr. Gary Roberts, Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Matt Seaton, Vice President of Business Services and Finance
  • Dr. Lirim Neziroski, Dean of Humanities, Fine Arts, and Social Sciences
Friday, 3/4, IVCC Faculty In-Service (No Classes)
  • A full day of in-services activities; no classes in session
Friday, 3/25, 9 AM or Monday, 3/28, 2 PM
  • Jennifer Scheri, Director of Continuing Education and Business Services
  • Bonnie Campbell, Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs
Friday, 4/8, 9 AM or Monday, 4/11, 2 PM
  • Mark Grzybowski, Vice President of Student Services
  • Cory Tomasson, Faculty, Athletic Director, Student Life Director

Fall 2021 FT Faculty Orientation Sessions

Friday, 9/24, 9 AM or Monday, 9/27, 2 PM
  • Dr. Jared Olesen, Discussion of Politics in the Classroom and the Possibility of Neutrality from August In-Service
Friday, 10/8, 8 AM to 3 PM - IVCC Professional Development Day
  • Plan to participate in IVCC's professional development day
Friday, 10/15, 9 AM or Monday, 10/18, 2 PM
  • Assessment Committee Faculty, Assessment at IVCC
Monday, 11/8, 2 PM (no Friday session)
  • IVCC Committee Work - Strategic Leadership and Planning Council (SLPC), Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC), Institutional Research Committee (IR Committee)
Friday, 12/3, 9 AM or Monday, 12/6, 2 PM
  • Tina Hardy, Center for Accessibility and Neurodiversity