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What is Criminal Justice?

Arm yourself with a degree or certificate in criminal justice from IVCC to better serve and protect your community.  

The IVCC Criminal Justice Program options offer a full two-year course of study, either full-time or part-time, as well as fast-track certificate programs, that focus upon the three main components of the criminal justice system: policing, the courts, and corrections. Our fast-track certificate programs take far less time for those who are interested in specific aspects of criminal justice, or want to specialize in your current degree program, or simply not ready for a full degree program, while still exploring options, Students gain a strong foundation in the social sciences through theoretical application, coupled with instructor expertise in such fields as policing, police administration, the legal environment, corrections, scientific crime scene application, social services, criminology, and much more. The program prepares students to become viable criminal justice professionals within a variety of roles as well as educational transfer opportunities to pursue baccalaureate degree programs and beyond. 

Program Options

Students can explore the field through a certificate program in criminal justice and or take those certificate courses earned and apply them to a full, two-year AAS degree. Students may also pursue a criminal justice transfer degree option that will lead the student to a four-year institution offering a baccalaureate degree within their chosen field of study. 

Hands on Training and Experience

Courses are offered during traditional, campus-based classroom meetings and online to accommodate students with a variety of personal schedules. A small class size permits us to offer a personal instructor experience that ignites in-depth discussions on a variety of current issues. We not only explore past lessons learned within our criminal justice system, we also explore current issues and future considerations. The IVCC Criminal Justice Program offers internships within a variety of criminal justice roles where students can experience a criminal justice career field of their choice. Our instructors bring to the classroom over 100 total years of expertise within the field of criminal justice. We are eager to pass on our knowledge to those aspiring to become criminal justice professionals. 

Credit for Police Academy Training

State of Illinois certified police officers are being offered a total of nine credit hours toward an IVCC Criminal Justice degree or Certificate Program. The potential student must provide documentation showing completion of no less than 560 hours of basic police academy training from an Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board police academy. Proper documentation includes: police academy transcript and a copy of the state of Illinois Peace Officer Certification.

Career Options

Explore careers at 

Police officer     State Trooper     Attorney     Domestic Violence Counseling

Corrections Officer     Deputy Sheriff     Parole Officer     Probation Officer

Forensic Psychologists    Crime Scene Technician   Criminologist   

911 Telecommunicator  Federal Law Enforcement (FBI, DEA, ATF, and more)

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Criminal Justice Program 
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