Computer Numerical Control Operators

Computer Numerical Control Operators Certificate

What is Computer Numerical Control? working at CNC terminal

Computer (or computerized) numerical control (CNC) operation is a highly skilled trade in the precision metal industry that involves the use of computers to generate a tool path to produce complex parts. American manufacturing is getting more complex and CNC machined parts are needed to meet that challenge. CNC operators use computer numerically controlled machines to cut and shape precision products, such as automobile parts, machine parts, and compressors. Examples of CNC machines include: lathes, milling machines, and electrical discharge machines. 

Hands On Training and Experience

Students will write and run multiple programs throughout each semester. Instructors have 10+ years of both classroom instruction and industry experience. The workplace demand is high, and IVCC instructors work closely with local industry to graduate students who meet their needs.

State of the Art Facility

We offer a state of the art facility with high tech training equipment. The CNC lab has 7 full size lathes and mills for instructional use, and the classroom setting incorporates lecture, instructional software, training videos, and program simulators into instruction.


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CNC Technician, Robot Operator, Computer Numerical Control Machine Operator, Tool Programmer, Process Engineer, and Numerical Control Programmer