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What is Agronomy?

Students earning an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Agronomy study the latest in agricultural technology, crop growth and development, crop pest management, and soil sciences. Agronomy students apply science and technology to crop production techniques to produce or manage food, feed, fiber, and fuel. Students with an AAS degree in Agronomy from IVCC can find employment or self-employment in the agricultural input sector, production, or management professions.

Program Options

After successful completion of the AAS degree in Agronomy students can enter the workforce full-time or transfer with one of our articulation agreements to a university to earn a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture.

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Agronomist, Farm Manager, Seed Salesman, Farmer, Precision Ag Specialist, Field Operations Manager, Fertilizer Salesman, Crop Adjuster, Organic Crop Producer, Soil Scientist, Crop Scout, Crop Consultant, Commercial Applicator

One-On-One Attention

Mentoring, Advising, Small class sizes and Dedicated instructors

Hands-On Experience

Agriculture Wet Lab, Greenhouse, Internship, Agriculture Mechanics Shop, College Farm and Field Trips


Tens of thousands of dollars are available through the IVCC Foundation and Financial Aid is available for those who qualify


The average salary for a career in the Agronomy field is in the range of $25,000 - $65,000 with an industry average of $44,000.

Careers in Agronomy


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Careers in Agronomy

  • Real Estate Appraiser
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • Educator
  • Farm Services Manager
  • Technical Writer
  • Safety Coordinator
  • Grain Facilities
  • Production Supervisor
  • Water Quality Manager
  • Human Resources
  • Equipment Salesman
  • and many more...

Program Coordinators



Willard Mott

Agriculture Instructor and Program Co-Coordinator
Office:  J112E
(815) 224-0413

 Dr. Jennifer Timmers

Agriculture Instructor and Program Co-Coordinator
Office:  J111E
(815) 224-0495