Writing Consultation Services

What goes on during a writing consultation?

  • We can help with any part of the writing process from simply understanding the requirements and the prompt all the way to the complex stuff like style formatting and a works cited page.
  • You engage in one-on-one interaction with a certified professional consultant or a certified peer consultant
  • The consultant will (1) talk with you about the assignment and your concerns, (2) read what you have written (3) identify areas for improvement, and (4) suggest revision steps

What type of writing consultation should I choose?

The IVCC Writing Center offers several consultation formats.  Choose which works best for your class, your schedule, your learning style.

Quick Questions

For brief questions about punctuation, grammar rules, and documentation, you can  email the Writing Center at writingcenter@ivcc.edu.

  1. Include "Quick Question" in your subject line, so we can get to it quickly!
  2. Examples of specific questions: Is this a run-on sentence? Is this a correct Works Cited entry? Where can I find examples of in-text citations? Do titles of books go in quotation marks?

Email Consultations

Submit a paper any time of day, and a Writing Center consultant will give feedback within 24-48 hours. To submit a paper for consultation, follow these guidelines:

  1. Send us an email  writingcenter@ivcc.edu
  2. Include the following in the body of your email:
    • Name of the class and the instructor
    • Requirements for the assignment
    • Three things on which you would like the writing consultant to focus. 
      • Choose from: Brainstorming or outlining, hook, thesis, topic sentences, paragraph development, transitions, in-text citations, conclusion, coherency and unity, MLA, APA or Chicago formatting
  3. Attach your essay, preferably in a Word document
  4. We will respond to your paper by return email during Writing Center hours.

 Zoom Consultations

If you prefer a virtual face-to-face dialogue, make an appointment for a Zoom consultation session.

  1.  Fill out this request form
  2. You will receive a confirmation email within 24-48 hours with the Zoom link, appointment time, and pointers to prepare for the session.

 In-Person Consultations

On campus? Walk into the Writing Center in the Learning Commons, D-201, during open hours. If a consultant is available, meet right away.  If not, make an appointment. Call 815-224-0637 to check current availability. 

What to bring:

  • Just getting started?  Bring the assignment requirements, any text with which you are working, paper, and a writing utensil. A consultant can help you understand the assignment, brainstorm an idea, create an outline and help organize thoughts.
  • Already have a rough draft?  Bring the assignment requirements and your rough draft, preferably in hard copy, but we can read from your laptop, too. A consultant will read for coherence of your writing to the requirement and discuss pointers for improvement.


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