About IVCC Writing Center

IVCC Writing Center is Certified with CRLA

IVCC’s Writing Center is recognized by the College Reading Learning Association as a certifying body of its International Tutor Training Program. Writing Center tutors who successfully complete the rigorous training program earn Level One certification, which can transfer with them to other CRLA colleges and universities.

Certified Writing Consultants

In order to earn certification, writing tutors must successfully meet each criterion below:

  • Meet the IVCC Writing Center’s rigorous hiring criteria for student consultants.
  • Professional and student tutors complete at least ten hours of training in the following topics:
    • Initial training and orientation
    • Overview and responsibilities of Writing Center tutors 
    • Preferred attitudes and characteristics of Writing Center tutors 
    • Beginning and ending tutoring sessions 
    • Active listening 
    • SMART goal setting
    • Working with students who have disabilities
    • Dealing with difficult tutoring situations
    • Making informed referrals
  • Reach at least 25 hours of actual consulting time
    • Includes formal observation by Writing Center Director (preferred, not required for certification)
    • Includes informal feedback from student evaluations (preferred, not required for certification)
  • Professional online tutors also complete the “Conducting Email Consultations” and "Conducting Zoom Consultations" training (not required for certification.)

Tutor Training Program

The IVCC Writing Center Tutor Training Program is open only to IVCC Writing Center tutors. Are you interested in pursuing a Level One certification as an IVCC Writing Center tutor?  Contact the Writing Center Coordinator for more information writingcenter@ivcc.edu  and see the student requirements here.


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