English Language Learners Conversation Partners

Are you learning English as your second (or third? or fourth?) language. The Writing Center would be happy to offer you a chance to practice your English skills with a native speaker in a easygoing, friendly environment. Speaking a new language is difficult, and we admire all of the time and hard work students commit to learning English. We look forward to speaking with you and learning from you, too!

What is it?

What will we talk about? Anything! Feel free to bring in family photos, favorite books, a current magazine or newspaper, or anything else that might spark conversation. The purpose is to have a free-flowing exchange and give more experience in typical conversation. Therefore, the focus is not teaching English or grammar. However, we will happily answer your questions about vocabulary and usage as they come up.

Who is it for?

Any IVCC student who is learning English can use this service. You may be registered in IVCC's ESL program or in credit courses. 

How to make an appointment

Do you want to try Conversation Partners? First, you will want to make an appointment. For the main campus, if you stop by the Writing Center in person, you can make a half-hour appointment by signing in the book on the Writing Center desk. You can also make an appointment using the Web site form. Please place "CP" next to your name in the book or in the "notes" section of the appointment form. You can also call the Learning Commons at 815-224-0318. When you speak to Learning Commons staff, let them know you are making an appointment for a Conversation Partners session. 

For the Ottawa Center, stop by the front desk or call 815-224-0800.

We look forward to talking to you!