University of Illinois Springfield


"If a high school student is taking courses at a community college that would satisfy high school course credit, we accept the course credits in a dual capacity.  If that student is supplementing their high school courses with community colleges credit, we will accept it, too.  The way the courses will be implemented into the student's degree plan would be one (or more) of the following scenarios:

  • The courses will satisfy general education credits, thus allowing the student to step into their degree focus earlier.
  • The courses will satisfy pre-requisites for the degree focus of that student, though they may still be expected to take at least one pre-requisite in-house (at UIS) to satisfy that academic program.
  • The course (if not general education-based) will be utilized to cut back the lower-division course hours needed (60 hours)  in order to have a full degree profile for graduation.

The college credits that a high school student earns while at high school will be implemented, but would not allow the student to be considered a transfer freshman (thus allowing a student to enter UIS in the Spring).  The student can only be considered a transfer freshman when they have at least 12 hours of college credit after they have graduated from their high school."