Trinity International University


"The only difference as far as our accepting of transfer credit gained while in high school versus post high school is the classification of the student.

A high school student who earns college credits via concurrent enrollment, home-schooling options, CLEP or AP Tests, or cooperative programs between a high school and college will still be considered a first time freshman for admission and scholarship purposes. 

Once a student has graduated from high school any college level credit they earn will cause them to be classified as a sophomore. 

The only effect that this really has at Trinity is with scholarships.  We offer a competitive scholarship to our freshman who are high academic achievers (3.75 gpa, 28+ ACT).  This scholarship (worth up to $18,000 per year) is offered only to incoming freshmen.  Academic scholarships for transfer students are currently non-competitive and lower amounts.

Speak with your admissions counselor about your college credit to be sure that you don't inadvertently disqualify yourself from scholarship competition.  Exceptions are granted from time to time and each student is considered on a case by case basis."