Northwestern University

Each year Northwestern enrolls students who have earned credit for courses taken at post secondary institutions prior to graduation from high school, as well as students transferring from other institutions at which they have already received college credit.

Northwestern University does not have general education course requirements, but undergraduate students must satisfy distribution requirements that vary by the school or college within the Northwestern school in which the student is enrolled. There is no approved list of courses taken at other institutions which will automatically be accepted for transfer into Northwestern or meet these distribution requirements.

In general, in order to be considered for college credit, courses must meet the following requirements:
  • Taken at a fully accredited four-year or junior college in the United States or Canada
  • Not included in high school record and were not used for fulfillment of any high school diploma requirement
  • Taken primarily by college students rather than high school students
  • Similar to courses offered for credit at Northwestern
The Office of the Registrar and the appropriate dean's office of the Northwestern school or college in question will evaluate all courses taken at other colleges and universities for transfer credit on a course-by-course basis only once a student has been admitted.