Illinois State University


"ISU awards dual credit to high school applicants who successfully complete transferable courses at a community college.  An official college transcript is required for credit to be awarded.

Students who enroll at IVCC during the summer term between high school graduation and the subsequent fall term at ISU will be classified as a beginning freshman.  A guide sheet is available in the IVCC Counseling Center showing which IVCC courses meet ISU general education requirements.

Students who continue their education at IVCC after the summer of their high school graduation will have the following options available to complete general education requirements.  Students are encouraged to meet with an IVCC Counselor to discuss the options listed below:

  1. Students who have completed an AA or AS from IVCC or the Illinois Articulation Initiative General Education Core Curriculum (IAI GECC) will have met the ISU General Education requirements.
  2. Students who transfer credit from IVCC that satisfies some but not all requirements of the IAI GECC may satisfy the general education requirements by completing requirements for IAI GECC at ISU or by completing the University's own General Education program."