Transfer Resources

Here are some transfer resources to assist you in the transfer process.

  • iTransfer.org - Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) facilitates the transfer of students from one Illinois institution to another. Find out how to accomplish your general education core curriculum and/or  lower-division major recommendations.
  • Transferology - online tool to help determine how your courses will transfer
  • State Universities in Illinois at a Glance - Majors and minors available at the 12 public universities in Illinois
  • 12 Reasons to Stay in Illinois - Admissions information for the 12 public universities in Illinois

Helpful Websites

Advanced Placement Credit

  • Find colleges and universities with advanced placement credit policy information (AP Credit Policy Info)

Non Traditional Degree Programs

  • Illinois Online Virtual Campus
  • Graduate Programs Online
  • Distance Learning Programs
  • Lincoln College - Normal - IVCC partners with Lincoln College to offer Accelerated Bachelors Degrees for Adult Learners and to launch the Accelerated Bridge to Education (ABE) Program on the IVCC campus.  The ABE Program will offer IVCC alumni with AA, AS, and some AAS degrees the chance to pursue a bachelors degree in business administration, liberal arts, health services administration, and criminal justice studies.  By attending 1 night class per week for 5 weeks, students will be able to earn up to 27 credit hours throughout the calendar year. 
  • Franklin University (PDF)



Forensic Science

Health Careers

Law Schools

  • Law Schools (Admission, LSAT, Links to Colleges of Law)

Real Estate

Teacher Preparation/Certification