The Top 10 Ways to Guarantee My Success at IVCC


1.  Say to yourself that going to college is a new phase and a fresh start of your life--- think positive!

2.  Use the college resources available to you (tutoring, counseling/advising, help from instructor, student groups, etc.)

3.  Treat college as if it is your full time job

4.  Set specific times and location that you will study and don’t deviate

5.  Create goals (Career, course, assignments; realize adjustments are normal)

6.  It is always good to start early, whether it is making an appointment with a counselor, registering for classes, applying for Financial Aid or completing class assignments

7.  Touch base with your instructors from time to time---they all have office hours posted on their office doors and on faculty webpages

8.  Accept that your success is your responsibility (have ownership over what you do)

9.  Get involved with college related activities, groups, other students

10. Try to have one good laugh a day; research says a happy person will have more life successes than others