How to Use the Stylebook

Welcome to the Stylebook. This guide will supplement what you are learning in your courses and help you produce well-written essays. The Stylebook serves a few main functions:

To clarify the shared grading criteria for IVCC's English department

To give a basic overview of the three documentation styles used in IVCC classes

To give a basic overview of how to use sources in an essay

This book is intended to help students write clear and accurate papers. At times, the instructor may have expectations different from the guidelines written here. If so, follow the guidelines of the assignment. The Stylebook is not intended to be a definitive or comprehensive grammar or documentation guide. Students who have questions about ideas that are not addressed here are encouraged to consult other resources:

Your instructor. See faculty web pages.

Your textbook. Many English textbooks have grammar sections and short guides to documentation.

The Writing Center. A tutor in the Writing Center may be able to help you. The Writing Center also has many other resources, such as grammar handbooks and documentation style manuals.

Jacobs Library. Librarians are a knowledgeable resource for finding, using, and documenting sources.

A handbook. The Writing Center recommends A Pocket Style Manual by Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers.

Many of the documents within the Stylebook require Acrobat Reader to view. Download the reader here: Acrobat Reader

Questions and suggestions about the Stylebook should be directed to the Writing Center Director. The Stylebook is published and maintained by the Illinois Valley Community College Writing Center, and was last updated on August 18, 2016.

Please feel free to print, copy, and use the Stylebook for educational, non-commercial purposes, giving credit to the Illinois Valley Community College Writing Center. The Stylebook should not be modified or adapted without written permission from the Writing Center Director.

 Example Stylebook citation in MLA style:

"Overview of MLA Style." Stylebook. Illinois Valley Community College Writing Center,

           8 Aug. 2016, www.ivcc.edu/stylebooks/stylebook4.aspx.