Winter Intersession

Illinois Valley Community College is offering students the opportunity to pick up online college credit over holiday break. IVCC’s new “Winter Intersession” begins Dec. 16 and runs through Jan. 8.

“These courses provide an opportunity for our students to get ahead and for university students home for break to pick up a class at our low tuition rate,” said Vice President for Student Services Mark Grzybowski.

The 24-day session includes online courses in:

  • Wellness (HPE 1000) 
  • Personal and Community Health (HPE 1003)

The deadline for registering for Winter Intersession courses is Dec 16th.

These are fully online classes.

Delivered via the internet with dates and deadlines, but no specific meeting times online or in-person.

Student Technology Accounts Information

Academic and Technical Support for Winter Online Classes

Academic and Technical Support Guidelines

  1. Limited academic and technical support services will be available 12/21/21-1/1/22.
  2. Support will be provided through email, voicemail, and Zoom.
  3. Staff will not be answering phone calls, but will follow up on voicemail messages, if needed.
  4. Turn-around time for a response will be 24 hours, Monday through Friday.
  5. During the actual holidays, response times may be delayed.

How to arrange academic and technical support 12/21/21-1/1/22

As a reminder, there are direct URLs to login to systems hosted off campus.  These login pages will be available even if the IVCC website is not accessible.

If you need academic or technical support not available on this list, email with your request.